Meet Our Dogs

Black Dog

Black Dog is about 11 years old. He was born in the village where we live and he was kept as an outside guard dog. He slept in the dirt or under cars and ate scrap food that people put out for him. He’s the oldest dog in the group and the others are very weary of him. He keeps everyone in check.

When I met him he wouldn’t let anyone touch him, took a while and a lot of chicken but after a few months, he would let me stroke him. Now, he loves a good cuddle and to play. It took a while for him to feel comfortable coming into the house but now he’s very comfortable and has his own space in the bedroom where he likes to sleep.


Logan was born in the mountains about an hour away from our house in 2018. He was one of 8 puppies, we took 2. Unfortunately, we didn’t have room for any more at the time.

Sadly, all of his siblings died including the other one we brought home, we believe his brother was poisoned. His mum was killed by a cobra a year later, she was protecting the local children.

Logan is very loyal, protective and sweet. He loves yoghurt, chicken and his teddy bears. He doesn’t really enjoy playing or cuddling but when he wants some attention he’ll make it known. He is a great swimmer and loves water!


Honey was brought to our village by another person that lived down the road. They found her and her sister on the street as puppies. They were very poor and couldn’t feed themselves. Honey and her sister ended up coming to our house to look for scraps. We started feeding them and soon they didn’t want to leave.

Unfortunately, her sister ate food laced with poison and died. I didn’t want the same to happen with Honey so we told her “owners” that we were taking her in… They hadn’t even noticed that she was gone. We got her neutered and she quickly made herself at home with the boys. She loves everyone and her food! She was so least a year old when we met her but she looked like a puppy due to how malnourished she was.


Tukki is Mowgis’s mum. She is at least 4 years old but could be older. She was someone’s pet and then they decided to move to Bangkok. The owner left Tukki with her ex-boyfriend. He was very poor and didn’t like dogs very much. She lived outside under a broken car and was fed rice.

We started visiting her and feeding her, and we shortly realised that she was pregnant. She went missing for a while and then came back with one puppy, Mowgi. She kept leaving her puppy so we took him in.

The man moved away shortly after and abandoned her and her puppy. She was completely alone so we took her in. We got neutered and she lives with us and her puppy. She’s a great mum and loves everyone!


Mowgi was born at the side of a house close to where we live. His mum is Tukki and we think that his dad is Lang. Tukki was still living outside return she gave birth to 3 puppies, we don’t know what happened to the other two.

We took him in when he was about a month old. He was covered in tics and fleas. Tukki kept leaving him on his own and it was very hot at this time. We took him in and he instantly got on great with Honey.

Our other dogs really like him and play with him often. He loves cuddles, digging and play-fighting with his mum. We took his mum and dad in a few months after as well so we have the whole family.


Lang was born on the streets and brought to our village by another man. He was sadly hit by a car when he was a few months old. The man that was looking after him reversed over his head. Lang somehow was completely ok, just a few scratches but afterwards he wasn’t the same mentally. He now has issues with understanding and “normal” dog stuff… If that makes sense!

We took him in after his owner decided that he didn’t want him anymore and left him outside to look after himself. He kept getting into a lot of trouble because he doesn’t understand that he was doing things he shouldn’t be.

He is very sweet but very dopey. We think that he is Mowgis’s dad as they look the same. He is also Tukkis girlfriend and they kiss and cuddle all the time, it’s very sweet.

So, now you’ve properly and in-depth met each of our rescue dogs and learnt more about their backgrounds. Who is your favourite… it’s impossible to pick!

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