Meet our Animals

Thailand has over 8 million dogs within the Kingdom and a shocking 1 million of those are street dogs or Soi dogs. This number is horrific and it continues to grow all the time. There are some truly amazing people and organisations that are trying to tackle this issue by catching, neutering and releasing the dogs. It is a sad thought about leaving the dogs on the streets to survive on their own but it just isn’t possible to house over 1 million street dogs.

We are lucky enough to own a good-sized garden and our own house in the countryside so we have taken in a few street dogs. Most of our dogs turned up at our doorstep and moved in.. how could we turn them away?! Here are our current 6 dogs, click here to read more about them and their stories. Scroll down to meet our goats.

Now that you’ve met our adorable dogs, it is time to meet our goats. We originally bought 7 goats and our plan was to breed them and then sell them. We quickly fell in love with our goats after spending so much time with them. We learnt so much, they feel, they love and they care just like our dogs. We couldn’t sell them anymore.

We took in a few goats that other people didn’t want and otherwise would have put down such as BB, an infertile goat and Fringe, a purebred Boer that was “too small”. We also have Wonkey, a goat that jumped funny and broke her should bone, and Eeyore, the runt of the litter who shouldn’t have survived but did. Now, these gorgeous goats can live out the rest of their days here with us at the farm. Let me introduce you to some of our special goats here at THATGOATCHICK Sanctuary:

These are just some of our beautiful animals that live with here art THATGOATCHICK Sanctuary, follow our Instagram to see daily videos, pictures and updates. If you would like to donate towards the coat of animal care, animal food, vet bills and farm maintenance, please click here. Thank you!

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