Train ride from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a beautiful town that’s full of history, located 130 km west of Bangkok and it is Thailand´s third largest of 76 provinces. it’s become very popular with tourists over the last few years because of its beautiful waterfalls, friendly locals and important and tragic history. One of the main reasons people visit Kanchanaburi is to visit the Bridge over the River Kwai. This Iron bridge was a part of the infamous Death Railway to Burma, constructed by POWs working for the Japanese in hellish conditions during World War II. Some 16,000 POWs and 90,000 Asian workers (most of them enslaved) died during the railway construction. The railway line over the bridge is still used today as a common route to Nam Tok (the train line’s terminus) and to get to Bangkok.

Many people who visit Bangkok also arrange to go on day trips to see the sights of Kanchanaburi, there are many different ways you can travel to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok, some of these include the bus, mini bus or taxi but my personal favourite is the train! The train leaves the Bangkok Noi Railway Station (Thonburi Train Station) two times a day for Kanchanaburi, the early train is at 7:45am and the later train is at 13:35pm. The 3 hour journey costs 100 Baht (around £2.30!) and in my opinion is the most scenic and easy way to get to Kanchanaburi.

Once you are seated and the train departs the station, a man walks through the carriages and checks people tickets and other people walk through selling food and drink. The time for me past really quickly and I enjoyed the journey, I spent my time looking at the beautiful sights out the window and listening to my music. This is a great and easy way of getting from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, the only issue are the times of the trains and lack of trains during the day but if you don’t mind the times then this is a great form of transport! Once you arrive at Kanchanaburi there are two different stop, Kanchanaburi station or River Kwai Bridge. You can get off at either stations depending on which is closer to your final destination and once your off the train there are always quite a few taxi if motorbike taxis waiting incase you need transportation.

I really enjoyed this train ride. I think it’s a bit more exciting and relaxing than taking the mini buses through the cities and you are treated to some truly beautiful sights, if you end up taking the train as well then I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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